5 Romantic Places to Go During the Night in Paris

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The 5 romantic places to go during the night in Paris let guests and lovers enjoy the Parisian nightfe to the hilt.In face, 'le de la Cit', or the City of Light, doesn't become lessvely during the night and offers a nightlife experience for all types. Having a glass of wine near the Arc de Triomphe, taking a stroll in a sprawling Parisian park or clinching an exclusive table for two in a Saint-Germain-des-Pr's exclusive club are only some of the activities worth looking forward when it comes to the 5 romantic places to go to during the night in Paris. For the most up-to-date nightlife happenings, a friendly chat with locals can clue visitors on current nightlifestings. Otherwise here is a guide to the 5 romantic places to go during the night in Paris: 5. HIP MARAIS At the heart of Marais, a chic area in Paris where the old and the new enmesh,es Le Tr'sor which is a quaint trendy bar on the Right Bank. Famous for their Long Island Ice Teas and Mojitos, lovers can kick their heels and dance the night away to the hippest music being spun by one of the resident DJs. Embellished with Chesterfield sofas and whimsical mirrors, guests can take in thevely atmosphere alongside the most beautiful people in the City or watch music videos on one of the three large screens all night long. What's more, beer and all cocktails are discounted at 50% on Sundays. 4. TANGO IN PARIS If dancing to euro techno music isn't right up one's alley, then Chalet du Lac de Saint Mande offers an alternative venue where lovers can bust a move in several other musical genres. Located in Bois de Vincennes, every night is an event to look forward to which makes it one of the 5 romantic places to go during the night in Paris. A resident DJ spins music every Mondays; Tango and free admission for ladies happen during Wednesdays; an orchestra playing rock 'n roll music during Thursdays is a hit with club denizens; while Fridays to Sundays a seven-piece band delivers music that adults of all ages and nationalities can dance to. 3. GAY PARIS The gay scene is also worth exploring in Paris and the Banana Caf' makes the cut as one of the 5 romantic places to go during the night in Paris. It may be the oldest gay establishment in the city, but straight folks are also welcome at an everything-goes kind ofvely watering hole. There's a different theme happening at this bar every week (chic whimsical soirees such as Disco Night, Arabian Night and Latin Night, among others) with patrons arriving at the scene in their most creative and kitschy outfits. For those who want to let their hair down they can dance with the crowd in the lounge while a more secluded spot is offered to guests at the basement piano bar. Although the entrance fee is about 10 Euros during the weekend, no payment for entry is required during the rest of the week. 2. A TOAST AT CHIC TROCADERO Lovers can't leave Paris without indulging on French cheese, pastries, and of course wines and bubblies. In the north east of the chic 16the Arrondissement, on the Right Bank and tucked away Hotel Trocadero Dokhan's lobby is the chichi champagne bar, Dokhan's. With a wide array of Champagnes in stock (from brut to ros', to blanc de blanc), guests can enjoy their bubblies while they admire works of Matisse and Picasso. Dokhan's makes thest of 5 romantic places to go during the night in Paris because every evening here is an exclusive opportunity to sample champagnes from small producers that are only offered in France. 1. FRENCH CABARET The Moulin Rouge and the cancan might be synonymous to French cabaret, but for an authentic cabaret experience off the beaten path lovers can head to the still quintessentially-French La Nouvelle Eve. With stunningly-choreographed numbers by beautiful cancan girls, magicians, jugglers, and comics, it's here where lovers can find everything touristy cancan clubs offer without having to elbow their way through a crowd. The chichi Belle 'poque venue is #1 in the 5 romantic places to go during the night in Paris and is located at the creative Left Bank on Montmartre and showcases a review of the ann'es folles.